Friday, February 12, 2010

New Blog Title....

So I have changed the Title of my seems to fit where we are right now:
"The Perfect Kind of Crazy"

I haven't updated this blog for a while...for a reason! Life is CRAZY~ and we couldn't ask for anything more. Those of you that know me well, know that i like to stay busy and on the go....well, I have met my challenge! A 2 year old boy!

The 3 girls are doing well, and blossoming before our eyes....and we are adding another one to our family!
The new little guy is almost 2, and ALL BOY! He wakes up at 6:00 am and doesn't stop until he lands in his crib for a nap or the night!
We love it, the girls love it, and we adjusting to life with a little boy.

He isn't permanently ours yet. It is a work in progress. At this time, he is staying with us for extended visits, and will be with us full time by the end of this month. Then the paperwork and court process begins. We ask that you (whoever might read this) pray for the process and for all those involved. We can't wait for him to be ours.

I will share pictures when can!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Weekly Gratitude

I stumbled upon this over on Facebook

I thought it was a great way to start off this year....

So I am looking forward to being Grateful all year long. I hope I make it! We have alot going on this year.

Brief Overview for those reading:

1. Adoption
2. Robin is running her second Marathon on April 25
3. 10 year anniversary, hopefully spent in Maui.
4. South Maui Triathlon for Robin
5. Hunting and fishing season for Paul
6. Camping trip with both Bible Study Groups
7. Robin starting a new business Venture with a friend
8. Camping trip for Robin and her girlfriends
9. Backpacking trip for Paul and his guy friends
10. 2 of the girls finishing up the school year
11......and more....

We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We have been busy....

Swimming lessons for Emma
Pre-school for Sarah

1/2 Marathons for My sister and I

Wicki Stick fun!

More fun!

Pumpkin Patch field trips
Red belts!


Life is are a couple of pictures of our activities....

Sunday, October 04, 2009


I guess this blog has been neglected for a while....that tells you how insanely busy we are in the Brooke home...

Mia has started 1st grade at Baymonte, and we couldn't be happier with her teacher. First Grade is such a HUGE jump from Kindergarten. I love it. She is at school all day, which has been a big change for me, at about 12:00 each day I feel like I should be picking her up from school.
She just tested for her Little Dragon Red Belt, and will probably be a black belt by the end of the year!

Sarah began pre-school. She is at a Parent Participation school. This means that I work in her class as a parent helper 1 day a week. She loves it, and the school is wonderful.

Emma, is adjusting to being the only child at home with me a couple days a week. She is continuing with her swimming lessons, and swimming like a fish! She is turning 3 this month and looking forward to starting Tae Kwon Do too!

We had a great summer, full of swimming, camping, I now understand how busy lives can get and why other Mom's say summer is so exhausting! I was really happy to get back into a school routine.

We just had our pictures taken for the year....I posted a few, but will save some for our Christmas cards!

We are still waiting for a child to be placed in our home for adoption. Our homestudy has been submitted for a few, and we have learned of another situation that we are interested in. Just waiting in God's timing and the right placement to fit out family. It will be fun to see what they next step in the process for us will be.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gigglebean, take 3!

Once again, Jessica from www.gigglebean .com has outdone herself....

Birthday at Disneyland and American Girl

Grandma and Mia on Nemo

Peter Pan

Waiting in line....

Tea Cups..

Carousel Ride

We took some time to tour "The Grove" in Hollywood

Birthday Cake

Yummy Tea!
(Behind Mia is the wall of Dolls you can borrow, if you don't have your own)

Outside the Store
Getting her dolls hair done


Mia turned 6 on July 9th. We took the opportunity to head down to Disneyland...because you get in free on your birthday!

And of course, we had to go to American Girl too! We had her birthday party there, just my mom, the 3 girls and I. It was fun, and I don't think Mia could have been happier....

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Help bring Lily Home....

This is a blog I have been following for a while, they are an amazing family that has been matched with a little girl named Lily in South Korea. They need to raise quite a bit of money to bring her home. They are doing some awesome give-aways, so head on over to the blog and learn more,and hopefully win!
As a family who is also in the process of adopting also, I understand how they are longing to bring her to their home...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st tooth...

Mia lost her first tooth about 1 month ago...she was so excited. She has another loose tooth, soon it will be gone too!

Now, as a Mom with her first child who has lost thier first tooth..what on earth do I do with the tooth? I remember finding a cup of teeth in my mom's room when I was little, and was really grossed out by my question, to you, if there is anyone reading this....what on earth do I do with these teeth that are falling out of my child's mouth?

Kindergarten Graduation

Mia and her friend Mikayla
Her best friend Annyka
Mrs. B. the other teacher in her class

Mrs. Tobak, her teacher

We did it! We made it through out first year of Elementary School!

We could have asked for a better school, teacher (s), friends and more.

Mia is now in first grade! WOW...