Saturday, December 31, 2005

New years Eve has changed.

To day is New Years Eve 2005. My husband returned from hunting about 3 hours ago.
I put two kids down for a nap and left to get some shopping done. After buying two of the many gallons of milk we drink at my house. I picked up a couple of other items and checked out. At the check out counter I was asked several times, once by the checker, the second my the bag boy, what plans I had for the night.
This is where is hit me. My life has changed. Although I was never one to stay out late on New Years Eve, tonight I don't have any options. I will be home with my two wonderful girls and husband. We will put them to bed, I might have a glass of champagne, and then head off to bed myself.
That will be our night.

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pretending not to care said...

Looking at random blogs, I came across yours. I too have hit that stage in my life where I look up at the cashier at Sam's Club with a questioning look. "What am I doing tonight?" Does she not see the two children in my cart? I am going home, putting them to bed, and if I am lucky, keep my eyes open long enough to see the ball drop. I enjoyed my early 20s and in a way miss them. I also enjoy my children and I am happy to be home with them instead of braving the roads.

Happy New Year to you and your family!