Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Looking back..

Both kids are napping..recovering from one of the many colds they will have this year...poor Sarah...I was told that nursing her would save her from this for a bit...now she just has a hard time breathing and nursing at the same time. So sad. I use the snot sucker, but that just makes her mad.
My birthday is on Friday. I will be 34. Mia says she is going to bring me lots of presents...like a new Thomas the Train. Oh if she could only realize that she and Sarah are the greatest presents I have ever had. I need nothing else besides those two little faces staring up at me, smiling, or even dripping booger noses.
God has been SO faithful to me in my life. He has brought me out of the trenches into this heaven on earth...a wonderful husband whom I adore...two beautiful living angels, and all of my needs fulfilled.

Who would have known that 10 years ago I was single, had almost died from a brain anuerism, living in South Korea, digging myself out of debt, and an unkown path in front of me. I trusted God with it all, and this is where I can be found today. One word: BLESSED. Okay...two TRULY BLESSED.

It can be hard to remember this every day. I get wrapped up in the little things that seem to be more important. When I should count the cost of what Jesus Christ did for me on the cross. He died so that I may have the life I live today. WOW.

I pray each night that my girls would not have to learn the lessons that I have..that I might pass my knowledge onto them. That they might come to know Christ as their saviour at a young age. And follow the path he has for them.

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Jody said...

Hi Robin- Just wanted to let you know that I had stopped by. Your daughters are breathtaking! Really! And I've seen a lot of kids in my lifetime. Your journaling is heartfelt...and I plan on checking back. Thanks for stopping by and commenting at Nitty.Gritty.