Sunday, January 01, 2006


I think I have made them before...lose weight, get to the gym more, eat healthier etc. Sometimes I follow through, sometimes not.
This year, it will be about family. Truly enjoy each day with my daughters. Days can be fun and easy, or hard and dicouraging. My motto since becoming a mother..."This too shall pass" It has proven to be true.

I said good bye to Starbucks today. We made the big leap and bought our own Barista! Now if I can just recall my Starbucks days and make my own...I will be a happier person in the morning. And much richer at the end of the year...saving $3.30 money spent on extras, like chocolate milk for Mia.
The employees asked me to come back and sad is that?

Well the rain is still pouring here...going to go and clean.

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