Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just today

Today, is just today for me. All the kids are sleeping, Paul is out of town..and I am staying away from chores.
I didn't get to run today because Paul left at 5 am. I will teach SS tomorrow, and do track in the evening.
I am almost half way to my fundraising goal for TNT.
I will be running 11 miles on Saturday.
Got my running shoes, cliff shot blocks, and electrolyte tablets.
Getting ready for my garage sale fundraiser.

My girls are great. Mia had a hard morning at MOPS, Sarah is turning 2 on he 18th...we are planning her party..
Emma continues to smile and be a happy little one.
I am SO happy to be thier mommy. God had blessed me tremendously with these three little wonders.

On to laundry...

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