Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Remembering the little things

I have been reading another blog for about a year now, and really enjoy this... she is very inspirational. Makes me want to be a netter mom and wife. (The starbucks picture is from her site, she is probably as big a fan of that place as I am)

Today she said that she wanted to remember the little things that kids of Mia's popped into my head...we were talking about what she wanted for her birthday..and I mentioned dance lessons...and the said to me "mommy you can't wrap up dance lessons!" Oh, how literal they take things.

She and I have had alot of good conversations. It is fun to converse with an almost 4 year old. We talk about Heaven, and who lives there. How Grandpa Gary is there with Jesus. She talks about how Jesus lives in her heart. All the sweet things they should be talking about.

And Sarah, oh, she is just funny period. They way she talks cracks me up. She is still at the point where every word is seperate from the next. And she has to do everything "by self" So independent. When Mia is at preschool, sarah takes the opportunity to sit in Mia's car seat. She buckles up "by self" each time now, and gets up and down from the seats the same way.

We were at Starbucks this morning sharing our "Bagels with dip, and scones" and a lady commented on how cute the girls were, and how her boys were so big now. It goes so fast. I have to remember to cherish these times...the pictures above are from when they were younger...

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