Friday, July 06, 2007


Okay so I have been doing SO well with this Body for Life Challenge...but man am I sore! I worked my hamstrings 2 days ago, and I am still feeling the effects! I am supposed to run 6 miles tomorrow, and I don't know if I am going to make it!

The food is GREAT! We had french dip for dinner, and an omelette for breakfast. WOW! Have never cooked so much!

Bad girlfriend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer is having a hard time. She has 2 little ones, and is torn up about the possibility of leaving them without a mother. And her husband is devastated at the thought of losing his wife of 6 years. She is at stage 3, and beginning chemo next week. She has already had a double mastectomy. I live about 6 hours from her, and hate the fact that I can't do anything from where I am. I will just pray, and ask others to pray that God would heal her body. She has a purpose in this world, and it is NOT to bring two beautiful children into this world to leave them motherless!!!!

Good news...I just got a job! After finishing my marathon with Team in Training, I just had to have more! So I applied to be a Team Manager....and low and behold I got it! It is a work from home position that will allow me to work at home and be with my girls, and yet do some work outside of the home too! All for an incredible cause!

Above: a picture of the Team RIGHT before we got on the bus to run the Rock N Roll Marathon!

Well I am off to HOPEFULLY scrapbook with some friends...then for long run tomorrow!

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