Thursday, July 12, 2007

YUM! and FUN!

OH, I am loving summer days! we just got home from a morning at Bible Study, and the park. My girls are EXHAUSTED, and crashed at the moment. Emma had a blast on the swings!

We also went to a birthday party this weekend of my cousins daughter who turned 7, on 7-7-07. How fun is that? Sarah enjoyed her cupcake...but not the frosting that went up her nose!

I have been busy looking and dreaming of scrapbook supplies. I am getting SO inspired by other blogs I am reading...there are so many creative ladies out there!

We are in for a weekend of birthdays...Mia has her party of Princesses on Sunday, and a friend who shares Mia's birthday is having a party on Saturday..should be fun and tiring!

This is the first time using my new camera for pictures on the internet..not too shabby!

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matt g said...

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Glad you're doing well.