Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One fell off and broke her leg....

I went to gym yesterday morning, and when I got back....Emma was up and very upset. Paul told me when she woke up, he heard her crying and went to get her. He found her on the floor next to our bed.

I had put her in bed with me at about 3 am. And when I left for the gym at 5:30, surrounded her with big pillows, so she wouldn't fall off....well, low and behold, the little monkey tried to get off the bed herself, and fell off the bed.

When I got home she was very clingy, and wouldn't bear weight on her right leg.

We decided to call our Pediatrician and we took her in. She ended up with x-rays...and a nice little red cast from hip to toe! She has a fracture in her femur, and will be toting this red stocking for 4 weeks. How fun! Just in time for the holidays! Our Pediatrician told me that red jammies would have worked just fine for a "stocking look!" Next year I'll remember that!

Monday, November 19, 2007

New family photos!

Okay, we finally, after oh I don't know, two years updated our family photos. My friend Pascale is an amazing photographer and captured our lives on film! ( or, no she didn't pay me to plug her! I just adore her!))
I can't believe how much everyone has changed. The girls have grown SO much! Mia with her new "Bangs" (since she decided to cut her own hair one night while Daddy was watching her!)
Sarah, just so silly and becoming a "ittle girl" as she would say. And Emma....well she is a year old now...those pictures will come later, when I find my camera...anyone seen it? Not something I want to lose this time of the year. ( UGH.)
And then Paul and I. Oh my. We look like adults. Him as handsome as ever. And me, you would never know the chaos that was going on while we were smiling for the camera.
More later...