Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hear comes 2008!

WOW...2008. This means, that I will soon be 36. Paul will be 42 (Oh my!) Mia will be 5 (Bigger Oh my!) Sarah will turn 3...and Emma will turn 2! I can't believe how quickly times go by, people change, and those grey hairs appear...and get covered! This year holds so many exciting's going to be fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas. We have been extremly busy this Holiday season. Nothing to write about, but we have been on the go...going to Grandma's house, to the mall to last minute shopping, going to Tea, opening presents, playing with new toys and more!...if I could get my computer and camera to sync I would have proof of all we have been doing.

The biggest change of all has been the BIG SWITCH! Mia and Sarah are now in "unbunked" beds, and Emma is in her own room in the crib...amazing what 10 feet down the hall can do for sleeping habits! And what having a big sister in the same room can do for a 2 1/2 year old...after 4 years...I can finally say, I have slept....okay, maybe not all night long, but better. Those black circles under my eyes are beginning to fade.
So...once I get this camera thing figured out...maybe a new computer thing figured out (hint hint Paul) I will be able to post some pictures from our recent adventures!

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