Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She's a Keeper.

Okay. The decision has been made. Thank you to those of you who gave your opinion as to whether or not we should let Maggie stay. I was reminded that she is a "puppy" she will grow out of her peeing, pooping, and chewing stages. (Well she will still do the first two, but hopefully outside!)

But how can you look into the face of this brown eyed girl and say "you can't live here"

She is currently chewing up a box in my office, just finished barking so loud that she woke up my youngest, and has moved on to attacking a pink, larger than she is, chicken-like animal that was purchased by her former owners...she is home.


Wonders said...

Funny...have you read the book, Marley and Me?

marie79 said...

She is so cute, glad you are keeping her. =0)

drewsmom said...