Sunday, March 30, 2008

Houston, we have a Walker!

Excuse the mess behind her...I was gone all morning. But here is a video of Emma walking! This is kind of fun!

Friday, March 28, 2008


No longer exists in my house. For the past 4 years...the cabinet above has been stocked with baby food. Rice, pureed fruit, vegetables, meat, you name was there it was mashed, it was boxed and jarred. Ready to be heated, eaten, or ignored by a sometimes not so willing child. Sometimes when I was feeling adventurous, you would find the tools to puree, store, and freeze my my own wholesome organic baby food.

I will never be that mom provides bags of baby food jars to her daughters classroom for craft projects.

Now, all of the baby stuff has been replaced by play dough, hair ribbons, cytomax, nail polish remover, lotions and bubbles.

I am kind of sad. Emma is no longer a baby. She is eating the same stuff as the rest of us. That cabinet will never again overflow with breakable jars of nutrition.

Endless, and never ending...mess.

That is the life of my never clean, always being cleaned house. What can I expect with 3 sometimes 4 (including the husband) little tornados in my home. I clean one room, move on to the next, and then as soon as I turn around...I have to start all over again.

I try to simplify. My house is a de-cluttered in no knick-knacks, low garbage...and try to keep ity-bity toys at a minimum. But it is never ending. 3 kids with toys = some state up chaos at all times.

At some point in my life, my house might be clean, and stay that way, but I don't see that in my near future, unless we clean....and MOVE OUT!

My mom wonders why...if I am a stay at home mom, my house isn't spotless. That's just it, though. I am a stay at home mom. My kids are at home with me, messing up my house. Not at a day care providers home, messing up theirs. I prefer it that way. I will take this mess with my kids by my side, over the alternative every day. So, as with my triathlon new motto: GET OVER IT! SUCK IT UP! I am coming to terms with my mess.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emma is walking!

She has taken a few steps here and there...the most I have counted is 7...well today, she walked across the room!
I must figure out how to capture this on film and post it here...she is so proud of herself, and claps for herself each time she accomplishes this feet! (he he)

She also turned 17 months old yesterday...WOW! That darn broken leg pushed her back a couple of months...but she is catching up as quick as she can!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My little spunky is 3!

Today is Sarah's 3rd birthday! It's a big one for her. Last week she willingly gave up her "Mimi's"...we actually put them in a bag, walked to the "Mimi Store" (aka., Nob Hill) and put them back on the Mimi rack. (Don't worry, I told a clerk what we had done, and he promised to go and retrieve them before someone got confused.)

She is also working on being Potty Trained. We have a train table sitting in it's box in the middle of our living room until this is accomplished. Or at least being worked on more than it curretnly is.
She has been so excited to turn 3. She wants to do everything Mia does, and alot of it requires being this classes, gymnastics, pre-school. Many times she has declared "I AM THREE" just to see if she could get in...well now she can.

She is spunky as I mentioned in the title. She is fun, silly, endearing, stubborn, and the sweetest thing. It has been fun to watch her grow these past 3 years. It's amazing how different she is from her sisters. The jury is still out on Emma, but she and Mia are night and day, which makes our house a great place to be.

I couldn't imagine life without her.

Monday, March 17, 2008

She's In!

Mia is now enrolled in our school of choice for next year!
I just can't believe she will be attending Kindergarten...Come September, my precious, sweet, cute, princess like, stubborn like her mom, almost 5 year old will join the ranks of school age kids all over the world!

No, really, I am very excited for her. I know this is a place she will thrive and grow. We have chosen this school to fit Mia. For her personality, along with the beliefs, morals and values we choose to live by in our home.

It is amazing to look back and see where she was just 2 years ago. She wouldn't leave my side. She screamed and cried when we dropped her off anywhere. Even if I left her with her dad in our own home, she would cry.

Today..she walks in to pre-school, without hesitation, and kisses me good-bye.

Next year will be good. I will cry. She will continue to grow, and we will all continue to be amazed at the little girl she is becoming.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy......

Busy....that is what we are.
Work has tied down both hands, spending most of the napping hours getting things like recommitment, wetsuit orders, event registration, and more...Training has both of my legs as I swim bike and run to get ready for this triathlon, and kids have my I run after them each day.
Oh, and Starbucks has all of our money as I try to keep up with my body. Luckily this assists in the brain area, since I am short on sleep these days.
I am getting ready for a Silent Auction fundraiser we are having this weekend. I am getting items donated for my own fundraising, secured a place to hold the auction, wine, and serving supplies. Plus organizing 7 other people to make this event happen with me.
(if you are in the Santa Cruz area, the Silent Auction will be held at Fresh Prep Kitchens on Front Street, from 2-4 pm. Cost is $10 for wine, appetizers, and a raffle ticket)
Oh, and our house is for sale. We are having an Open House this weekend. Hopefully I can get this house cleaned and it will stay that way while I am gone for training Saturday morning.
Emma had her 15 month appointment today. She is 19 1/4 pounds and 30 inches. She took her first steps last week. I expect her to take off any day now...
We are waiting to hear from our number one choice in schools for Mia next year. We should know by Monday if she is in. I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten next year.
Sarah is getting ready for her 3rd birthday which is in 5 days. She is very excited to have a My Little Pony Party. She will be giving up her "Mimi's" and if she wants a Train Table (Which we already ordered) she is going to keep trying to pee in the potty.
That's all for now. Off to catch up.