Friday, March 28, 2008


No longer exists in my house. For the past 4 years...the cabinet above has been stocked with baby food. Rice, pureed fruit, vegetables, meat, you name was there it was mashed, it was boxed and jarred. Ready to be heated, eaten, or ignored by a sometimes not so willing child. Sometimes when I was feeling adventurous, you would find the tools to puree, store, and freeze my my own wholesome organic baby food.

I will never be that mom provides bags of baby food jars to her daughters classroom for craft projects.

Now, all of the baby stuff has been replaced by play dough, hair ribbons, cytomax, nail polish remover, lotions and bubbles.

I am kind of sad. Emma is no longer a baby. She is eating the same stuff as the rest of us. That cabinet will never again overflow with breakable jars of nutrition.

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Michelle said...

Wait, please don't tell me you sometimes made baby food!