Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My little spunky is 3!

Today is Sarah's 3rd birthday! It's a big one for her. Last week she willingly gave up her "Mimi's"...we actually put them in a bag, walked to the "Mimi Store" (aka., Nob Hill) and put them back on the Mimi rack. (Don't worry, I told a clerk what we had done, and he promised to go and retrieve them before someone got confused.)

She is also working on being Potty Trained. We have a train table sitting in it's box in the middle of our living room until this is accomplished. Or at least being worked on more than it curretnly is.
She has been so excited to turn 3. She wants to do everything Mia does, and alot of it requires being this age....dance classes, gymnastics, pre-school. Many times she has declared "I AM THREE" just to see if she could get in...well now she can.

She is spunky as I mentioned in the title. She is fun, silly, endearing, stubborn, and the sweetest thing. It has been fun to watch her grow these past 3 years. It's amazing how different she is from her sisters. The jury is still out on Emma, but she and Mia are night and day, which makes our house a great place to be.

I couldn't imagine life without her.

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