Monday, March 17, 2008

She's In!

Mia is now enrolled in our school of choice for next year!
I just can't believe she will be attending Kindergarten...Come September, my precious, sweet, cute, princess like, stubborn like her mom, almost 5 year old will join the ranks of school age kids all over the world!

No, really, I am very excited for her. I know this is a place she will thrive and grow. We have chosen this school to fit Mia. For her personality, along with the beliefs, morals and values we choose to live by in our home.

It is amazing to look back and see where she was just 2 years ago. She wouldn't leave my side. She screamed and cried when we dropped her off anywhere. Even if I left her with her dad in our own home, she would cry.

Today..she walks in to pre-school, without hesitation, and kisses me good-bye.

Next year will be good. I will cry. She will continue to grow, and we will all continue to be amazed at the little girl she is becoming.

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