Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've been accepted!

There is an on-line ad group for women have to submit an application to have them on your blog. I submitted an application a while ago..honestly, I completely forgot I had applied!...Well, a couple of days ago, I received and e-mail saying that they had accepted my application! Okay, so they told me they liked my blog, but I needed to PROMISE to post more often...So, I pinky swore I would..and I frantically filled out the paper work...(they gave me 2 days to get it done) and now I am just waiting for a code to be generated to add to my blog.
I don't's kind of fun. This is a place I love to share about my family, life and other things. It gives me some creative freedom. A place to keep my brain can become quite the toddler zone.
There are other blogs out there that challenge me to write better..I am NOT a writer. But I have been told I have a knack for words. We'll see if this rings true. So here I go...look for the add soon..(If you read this).

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