Monday, April 14, 2008



A very large part of our house, is made of flooring that needs to be mopped...and with 3 kids, this needs to be done on a daily, if not twice daily basis.

I can't stand it.

But I also can't stand sticky floors that have shiny dirty spots, mushed bananas, spilled juice, and dirt. I can't stand that when my youngest daughter crawls, her knees and clothes turn black.

Is there such thing as a Mop-roomba? You know that vaccum that picks up all the dirst on it's own?

Most of our flooring is that "pergo" stuff that is impossible to least the way I think it should be cleaned. And all of my children need to be on the other side of the house while I mop, as to not make it automatically messy once it is mopped.

This post really isn't making sense...I guess it is my way of procrastinating...the water is ready, the chairs just have to be moved. All the kids are out of the way.

On to the mop.


bellancharliesmama said...

there is a mop version of the rumba. It is called scuba! Happy mopping!

bellancharliesmama said...

I think you can get the scuba in the U.S. but you are always welcome to come visit us here in NZ!
If you need to use scuba as an excuse to make it here I will totally back you up!!!