Monday, April 07, 2008

Play Dough Mom

At Mia's pre-school, I am the play dough mom. Each Monday morning, I show up with fresh, hot and the color of the week play dough.

When I volunteered up for this job, I thought to myself...well darn, I used to be a Kindergarten hard can this be? I can make this, blob of moldable mushiness, that will spark my daughter and her friends imaginations' and put the power of creation into their little chubby hands.

Here is the low down on this seemingly simple job:

1. Hunt down the right newsletter (that can show up at any time during the week, never on the same day, or in the same location) to find out what the color of the week will be. (the play dough must be in this color)

2. Make sure you have all the ingredients at 6 am Monday morning when you have procrastinated in making the colored blob all weekend. (Salt, and cream of Tartar are not a staple in my house it seems...luckily they are for my neighbor though!)

3. Try not to burn it as you are getting kids dressed, making breakfast, folding laundry, doing dishes, answering e-mails from work and oh yeah, getting yourself ready for the day too.

4. Attempt to make it the color of the week...see below for details...

5. Remember to take it to school!

Now...on to the real reason I have written this post today...see the picture above? That is this weeks play dough...really it is. The color: Brown. But to me, it looks like a blob of refried beans, or you can even let you imagination run a household of 3 small me, my imagination can run!
I usually use koolaid to make the color of the play dough, pink, green, red, purple, yellow, name can find koolaid in that color...and it makes the play dough smell edible too! But unfortunately, koolaid doesn't come in the lovely color of brown. So on the the food coloring I went...mixing an array of colors, guessing which combination will make the desired brown...luckily, with my one year experience of mixing colors, I only went through 2 different colors before coming to you have it. Play dough. 6 am Monday morning. Doesn't make me crave Mexican food for at least a month or so.
Until next week when the cycle and adventure begins again...

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