Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One year later...

Still for Sale..this market sucks!

Looking forward..

This summer is going to be a busy one....

  • Disneyland
  • Foreign Exchange student for 6 weeks from Sweden
  • Swim lessons
  • Weekend in Pinecrest
  • 4 Triathlons
  • 1 Muddy Buddy
  • Pool time
  • Beach time
  • Portland Oregon (for me)
  • Mom's weekend away in Big Sur
  • and more....

Should be fun!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Another freebie! Hopefully for me...

I am entering a contest here. The contest is for an SEO optimized Wordpress blog given away by Brain Foggles. While I think you should go and check out this site, and this giveaway, there is really no reason for you to enter because I am going to win it. But just for kicks, go check out the site anyway. It's pretty darn good. (I even copied this off another cheesy am I?)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

How will I survive?

That is what I am feeling right now.
Let me explain....

I have 3 kids...ages 4 1/2, 3 and 19 months.
I have a husband.
I have a house.
I work part-time.

The first 3, I got myself into. I love it. They are wonderful. I am spoiled in the fact that I am home everyday with my sweet munchkins.

My husband...well...see this post for him.

My house is for has been for about 1 year now. It's annoying. I have to keep my house clean for the off chance some realtor might call during the day to view my house...they are supposed to call 1 hour prior to the appointment they want to make...usually they give no notice what-so-ever...and are parked in front of my house wanting to bring someone in NOW! Under any other circumstances, selling a house is easy. We have done it before. Our house sold in 2 weeks. (not in this market though!) But last time I had ONE child, who was 7 months old...pretty easy to clean up with a 5 second lead. But did you see the ages of my 3 sweet children? In lay mans terms...that means my house is a condemned area...a place about to be placed under state of emergency because tornado's hit every 5 minutes... job. I love my job. I work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I manage Triathlon and Marathon Teams for Team In Training. I love it. I work from home. My kids are here. I work in my jammies. I go into the office 2x a month. I attend trainings on Saturdays. And I even get to train for a marathon or triathlon if I so choose.
Last season I was in charge of one team..about 41 people. This season, I am in charge of 4 teams...with a goal of 180 people. This is where my life is getting a little extra insane right now. I can't even begin to explain how much work it is. I am basically working a full-time job, during part time hours. I am gone to information meetings 3-4 times a week. These are in the evening so hubby is home with the kids. Soon this will all change though. Recruitment will be over. Trainings will begin and life will calm down. I am just going a little crazy right now.

Back to work..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last post for today...I promise!

I entered my kids in a photo contest...go vote for them!

Cost of Northern Ca.

So I have been reading a couple of blogs lately. Everyone is talking about the cost of gas and food going up...way up.

I guess I hadn't really thought about it until the other day. My husband and I were driving to my uncles for Mother's Day, and along the way were comparing gas prices....we saw nothing under $3.89. yikes! Ouch! When I filled up my 15 gallon wagon, which I take some pride in the mileage it cost over $64 to fill up!

Then I made my weekly trip to the store to buy groceries. I buy what I need to. I try to buy things on sale. But I have to admit, I stick with what I know, and what I know my family will eat. So when I rounded the corner to buy a gallon of LOCALLY bottled apple juice, it had gone up $1.00. Okay, so $ biggy...but it is when it takes a gallon of juice up to $7.50! HOLY COW! We like to buy local, and support businesses in our area. But, I am seriously considering investing in my own apple tree!

We are on a budget. I am going to have to start thinking about how we can save, cut back a little etc.
So, I don't think I have a huge following here...but if you are feeling the crunch are you dealing with it? How do you cut back?

Wordless Wednesday

Need I say more? We have been busy around here.

Join Wordless Wednesday here or go visit the ladies at 5 minutes for Mom and play there.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last week of Pre-school

This is Mia's last official week of being a pre-schooler...I can't beleive she has been at Mount Hermon Playschool for the past two years.

The first year...

1. She would cry each day I took her to school.

2. She would ask where I was...the teachers would assure I would be back.

3. She didn't really play with others.

4. She wanted to be with me.

5. She huged and kissesd me good-bye with tears in her eyes.

6. She loves Mrs. Gail.

This year...

1. She has lots of freinds, Bree, Elaina, Ruby, Luzanne, even some boys... Steven Tyler, Sam and Quinn.

2. She joyfully, for the most part, walks into school and begins playing.

3. She hugs and kisses me good-bye without the tears.

4. She is happy to be there.
5. She still adores Mrs. Gail.

Above is her spring picture from this year. So sweet.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

How about a threesome?

Swim, bike and run of course!
The start of the swim portion...
Getting ready to swim..
One of our honorees, Marissa and family
Transition bike is there somewhere....
Relaxing at the campsite, with the team...

So here are just a few pictures from my Triathlon this weekend.

There aren't any of me...but it shows part of the experience...the transition area where you store all of your stuff while doing the race, the start of the swim, our honoree, Marissa, and and some of us relaxing at the campsite.
And of course my great new hat! Too risque? Nothing but fun.
I am signed up for 3 more Triathlons this year...I think I could be addicted.