Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cost of Northern Ca.

So I have been reading a couple of blogs lately. Everyone is talking about the cost of gas and food going up...way up.

I guess I hadn't really thought about it until the other day. My husband and I were driving to my uncles for Mother's Day, and along the way were comparing gas prices....we saw nothing under $3.89. yikes! Ouch! When I filled up my 15 gallon wagon, which I take some pride in the mileage it cost over $64 to fill up!

Then I made my weekly trip to the store to buy groceries. I buy what I need to. I try to buy things on sale. But I have to admit, I stick with what I know, and what I know my family will eat. So when I rounded the corner to buy a gallon of LOCALLY bottled apple juice, it had gone up $1.00. Okay, so $ biggy...but it is when it takes a gallon of juice up to $7.50! HOLY COW! We like to buy local, and support businesses in our area. But, I am seriously considering investing in my own apple tree!

We are on a budget. I am going to have to start thinking about how we can save, cut back a little etc.
So, I don't think I have a huge following here...but if you are feeling the crunch are you dealing with it? How do you cut back?


Melanie said...

Food and gas are becoming so expensive! I don't know what we'll do when I can only afford one or the other :(
Livin' With Me

bellancharliesmama said...

just to make you feel costs us $110 to fill up our gas tank here in New Zealand! Gas is
$2.20 a liter which is about $8 a gallon! sick, isn't it?