Thursday, May 22, 2008

How will I survive?

That is what I am feeling right now.
Let me explain....

I have 3 kids...ages 4 1/2, 3 and 19 months.
I have a husband.
I have a house.
I work part-time.

The first 3, I got myself into. I love it. They are wonderful. I am spoiled in the fact that I am home everyday with my sweet munchkins.

My husband...well...see this post for him.

My house is for has been for about 1 year now. It's annoying. I have to keep my house clean for the off chance some realtor might call during the day to view my house...they are supposed to call 1 hour prior to the appointment they want to make...usually they give no notice what-so-ever...and are parked in front of my house wanting to bring someone in NOW! Under any other circumstances, selling a house is easy. We have done it before. Our house sold in 2 weeks. (not in this market though!) But last time I had ONE child, who was 7 months old...pretty easy to clean up with a 5 second lead. But did you see the ages of my 3 sweet children? In lay mans terms...that means my house is a condemned area...a place about to be placed under state of emergency because tornado's hit every 5 minutes... job. I love my job. I work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I manage Triathlon and Marathon Teams for Team In Training. I love it. I work from home. My kids are here. I work in my jammies. I go into the office 2x a month. I attend trainings on Saturdays. And I even get to train for a marathon or triathlon if I so choose.
Last season I was in charge of one team..about 41 people. This season, I am in charge of 4 teams...with a goal of 180 people. This is where my life is getting a little extra insane right now. I can't even begin to explain how much work it is. I am basically working a full-time job, during part time hours. I am gone to information meetings 3-4 times a week. These are in the evening so hubby is home with the kids. Soon this will all change though. Recruitment will be over. Trainings will begin and life will calm down. I am just going a little crazy right now.

Back to work..


Michelle said...

I don't know if I can make you feel any better about any of this, but in case you had not been back to my blog, you won my giveaway from MommyFest. Check it out
get in touch.

Shari Schmidt said...

I feel the same way and my house isn't for sale. I think we all need a three-day weekend right now!