Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last week of Pre-school

This is Mia's last official week of being a pre-schooler...I can't beleive she has been at Mount Hermon Playschool for the past two years.

The first year...

1. She would cry each day I took her to school.

2. She would ask where I was...the teachers would assure I would be back.

3. She didn't really play with others.

4. She wanted to be with me.

5. She huged and kissesd me good-bye with tears in her eyes.

6. She loves Mrs. Gail.

This year...

1. She has lots of freinds, Bree, Elaina, Ruby, Luzanne, even some boys... Steven Tyler, Sam and Quinn.

2. She joyfully, for the most part, walks into school and begins playing.

3. She hugs and kisses me good-bye without the tears.

4. She is happy to be there.
5. She still adores Mrs. Gail.

Above is her spring picture from this year. So sweet.

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