Friday, June 06, 2008

Mom's Night Out

So last night my friends and I went out to see a movie, for our weekly "Mom's Night Out"
we decided to see the new "Sex and the City"

Now, I have seen a few of the episodes on TV. And another one of my friends had too. We knew that it would probably be a little more risque' than we would like. But there weren't very many options out there for 3 conservative moms.
So, we took the plunge. Bought our tickets, the kiddie snack tray, and took our seats.
We made sure there was another movie we could sneak into if we found this one too be too much for us. And there was. It started about 20 minutes after ours did.
It was seemed to be good, for the first 24 minutes...then the movie took a turn for the worse...nudity, both front and back, men and women.
The story line was good, I cried a couple of times, we laughed too. A chick flick for sure.
But I guess for 3 conservative moms, there was a bit too much nudity, especially for one of my friends who is very shy and unexposed to quite a few things in life.
So, do I recommend it? Not for kids. Not for easily embarrassed people. But for a good love story that finally had a happy ending, yes.

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Amy said...

I saw this movie, alone on a Saturday afternoon.... Thank you my darling husband for letting me have "my time". Anyway, I use to watch the show, when it came on reg. tv, not HBO. I knew it would have the sex and stuff, I prepared myself...LOL! Anyway, I give it 4 stars for a chick flick. I laughed, cried, and remembered my life, before marriage,and best friends who have passed. So happy for a happy ending!