Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sister Pictures Summer 08

We had the girls' pictures taken by a local photographer. She did an incredible job!

The girls are finally at an age, where they cooperate with the photographer...even little Miss Emma.

And Sarah has come into her own...she was smiling, posing and facing the camera, she used to run away as fast as she could.
And Mia, well that girl can take a picture! She is Miss Photogenic!

To see her work visit:

We will definitely be visiting her again!


Michelle said...

Amazing shots! Beautiful! And hey, I never got your email with 'snail mail' info for your bracelet. email me @
mommyconfessions at hotmail dot com

jkrodriguez said...

You have the most beautiful girls!! What great pictures! My daughter likes me to take pictures of her feet...