Saturday, July 05, 2008

5 Families 28 people!

Yikes! It sounds like a lot, but in the HUMUNGOUS house we rented you would have never guessed there were that many people! 12 kids, 10 adults, and 6 teenagers! (the teenagers didn't belong to us...they consisted of our exchange student, 3 visiting family members and 2 friends)

We just spent 4 days at Twain Harte. We hung out at the lake, played games, and just had fun!

The lakes were perfect for the kids...waist deep and warm enough to swim. 3 Families brought we all took a turn paddling around...

Sarah borrowed many blow-up animals for floating around...a frog, lobster, dragon and tube...Mia layed on the rocks pretending to be Ariel, and Emma ate sand, dumped it on her head, and got plenty of it in her bathing suit!

The adults enjoyed the sun, company, and late nights after the kids went to bed. One mom even created the Otter Pop margarita...yum!

We are looking forward to many more summers there.

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