Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She's 5!

I can't believe it..last week, my baby turned 5! 5 years ago, she came into our home, turned our nights into sleepless ones...(seriously, I was sleep deprived for I can't remember how long..hmm, maybe I still am) made us first time parents, taught us what it meant to be selfless, showed us what it meant to love someone more than yourself, and opened our eyes to a whole new world.

Now, she is 5. She keeps asking me if she really is 5, and I keep saying yes, you are such a big girl. She also proclaimed that now that she is five, she has to do every thing by herself (I'm not complaining) she has to get dressed by herself, go to the potty by herself, etc. She has even made the big transition of sleeping in her undies...(okay so we are lazy parents who prefer not to be changing beds at 3 am!)

Anyways..she starts Kindergarten in about 6 weeks. She is changing so much before our eyes. And although I am loving this new independent stage, (for those of you who know Mia this is HUGE!) I am sad that my little girl is growing up. She was our first. First in everything that was considered being parents. I am looking forward to watching her blossom..but not too quickly okay Mimi?

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cortney said...

Hi Robin!
I've got Circle Journals for you; let's get in touch since I need your mailing address again.
all the best,