Sunday, August 31, 2008

3 Girls and 1 Boy?

So...we have begun a new journey in our family. We have decided to start the adoption process to add another child to our family.
With three young girls of our own, some might think we are crazy. And maybe we are. But I don't think so.
We truly love being parents. We adore the three children God has blessed our lives with. And we long for another in our family.
So the research has begun. We want to adopt domestically, and we would like to adopt a baby boy. We have found agencies that have accepted us, but they want all their fees up front, so that isn't an option. We are looking at the foster system, a majority of their adoption process is free, so that might be the way to go, but we would have alot of boundaries in the foster system, because we don't want to bring a child into our home, if he isn't going to stay forever, it would be too damaging to our girls.
So as you can see, we are all over the place. We know in our hearts that another child will be brought into our family. When, how, and where, is the unknown.
But with our faith, we know it will be when it is right. We know that we will be ready, and we know that it will be God's plan. Not ours.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We've been invaded!!

These little buggers decided to take up residence in my home...well in my kids hair! Yes! We have lice! UGH. We are the third family I know of this summer who have had the unwelcomed visitors show up for a little vacay!
I have no idea how we got them. The 2 other instances I know of are 1 and 2 months ago. My poor girls....I have been pickin' at their heads for at least one hour a day, ridding them of nits, louse and anything else I see crawling around.
It sucks. The first day consisted of shampooing with "Rid" and then 5 hours of picking through their a whole new meaning to "nit picking"
And then on to washing everything they have ever laid their heads on...sheets, blankets, pillows, toys, towels, clothes, dress-up stuff etc. I am still wading through piles to be folded and put away. If I had boys, we would have a bunch of shaved heads and be done with it all...but if you have ever seen my daughter's hair, you can see what a task it has been to de-bug our home.
Luckily, this has happened in plenty of time to get rid of them before school starts on Sept. 2nd...oh yeah that would be fun...welcome to kindergarten...we come bearing LICE!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

5 months of late nights...



So, I helped write a book last year...a resource book for moms that live in this just came out...I saw it in the store...
I hadn't received my copy yet, so I forked over the $19.99 and got one of my own...not too shabby, I guess it had alot of cuts and the rest of the crew who put it together with me were unhappy with it...but I had other plans...(oh, and yeah, the day after I bought my copy..I got one in the mail, talk about timing! Now I have 2!)
So as you can plans are pictured above. I had always wanted to do a triathlon...but I knew I could never fork over the moolah to buy a bike. So, when the opportunity came up to help with this book, I jumped at it...and hubby gave me permission to spend my wad on a new bike. Thus, I spend 5 months, working into the wee hours writing my 6 chapters of this Coast Mama book. But in the end, I got the dough, got the bike, and finished my first of many to come triathlons on that great bike pictured above!!
I have since done 1 other triathlon...slept through another..darn alarm clock! And have 3 more on the 5 months of slaving away while others were sleeping... = new bike...=PRICELESS!