Sunday, August 17, 2008

We've been invaded!!

These little buggers decided to take up residence in my home...well in my kids hair! Yes! We have lice! UGH. We are the third family I know of this summer who have had the unwelcomed visitors show up for a little vacay!
I have no idea how we got them. The 2 other instances I know of are 1 and 2 months ago. My poor girls....I have been pickin' at their heads for at least one hour a day, ridding them of nits, louse and anything else I see crawling around.
It sucks. The first day consisted of shampooing with "Rid" and then 5 hours of picking through their a whole new meaning to "nit picking"
And then on to washing everything they have ever laid their heads on...sheets, blankets, pillows, toys, towels, clothes, dress-up stuff etc. I am still wading through piles to be folded and put away. If I had boys, we would have a bunch of shaved heads and be done with it all...but if you have ever seen my daughter's hair, you can see what a task it has been to de-bug our home.
Luckily, this has happened in plenty of time to get rid of them before school starts on Sept. 2nd...oh yeah that would be fun...welcome to kindergarten...we come bearing LICE!!

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Jeramy Sossaman said...

i have so much compassion for you about this....our kids got hit with lice last year...and sadly it took months of constant work to finally get rid of stock in RID. Good luck!