Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mighty Mermaid

Today I did my last Triathlon of the season...the Mighty Mermaid.
My sister and I did it together so it was fun!
Distance: .5 mile swim (2x around the cement ship) 22 miles bike ride, and 5 mile run.
It was the longest triathlon I have done yet, so it was pretty challenging. Oh yeah, I hadn't kept up with my training like I did in the spring, so it was harder than I anticipated...
In fact, there were two distances, the "Mighty Mermaid" and the "Sprint" my sister and I came in dead last out of both races...but we finished. That is what counts!
Above are pictures of the ship we swam around, and "Team Cupcake" a crazy bunch of women here who do triathlons...well...I'm done with triathlons...until next spring...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

County Fair...

We made it to the County was fun, I wish we had gone earlier in the day, but we did what we could.

We hit the outraegeously priced rides, fed the animals and grabbed some Kettle Corn on the way year this is a all day must do.

I just can't beleive how much fun it is, and how easy the once dreaded events are now. The girls are older and it is fun to take them on theses little adventures.

Sarah was totally enthralled by the animals..she bravely fed the horses and goats, checked out the reptiles..and threw a complete fit when we couldn't stay longer to watch the horse competitions.

Tap and Jazz..

Last year we attempted to put Mia in a dance class, it didn't quite work out as we hoped.

So this year, Sarah was able to join the same class. They have been having a blast with each other..and it is SO cute to watch them.

First Day Jitters..

Mia started Kindergarten on Sept. 2nd. It was a big day for all of us...a family event, and it has been good so far.

We are really happy with the teacher she got. Mrs Tobak is a sweet soul, who really cares about the students in her class. It is a private Christian school so she is not only learning the basics of education, but building a foundation of faith that will carry her for the rest of her life.

I can't say enough about the staff. The aide in her class just happens to be my sister's neighbor, whom we have known for 10 years. She and Mia have a great connection and I know Mrs. B will help Mia have a successful first year.

75 cent night...

During the summer the Beach Boardwalk has 75 cent night...this means that all of the rides areo only 75 cents! It is fun to go with friends, and this is the first year that we have taken the is fun to be at that point in our lives where the girls can enjoy this kind of stuff.

So we hit quite a few kids rides one night while we there with our Bible Study group...the girls had a blast!

My friend Maegan and I also went on an adventure and braved the "Fireball" can I say nasueous?

What was I thinking...I woke up the next morning still feeling the affects of the ride...

Lice Treatment...

As I stated before we had lice this of course...I took advantage of making it a permanent we are...bag ladies...mayonaise on our heads for an hour...yum!

Did it work? Well maybe temporarily...I found a couple nits a few weeks later and to start all over...but we finally found the magic treatment cleansed my sinuses, so I am sure those little buggers didn't have a chance!
We have now been lice free for two weeks and counting!

New lens for Mommy

I got a new 50mm lens...(Thanks Michelle for recommending it!) so of course, I take the most willing child of the three, to pose for some practice shots...not too bad Little Miss Emma! Thanks for being a great model...
I have been having a ton of fun figuring it out...I might just be able to get s semi decent shot one of these days!

Let's play catch

On July 9th, Mia turned of course we had to have our 4th princess party...(we had a wiggles party one year, otherwise we probably would have had 5 princess parties!)

Anyways, we had a ton of fun swimming and running through the sprinklers on a very hot day at Grandma's house.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Money Money...

So we have been looking into this adoption thing for a little while now.   We have had interviews with agencies, read I don't know how many packets of information, and searched the web for facilitators, lawyers etc...
I am in shock at the price they charge you to bring a child home as a part of your family...and most of the places we have talked to, want their money before they will even take another step towards adoption with you..anywhere from $12,500-$20,000. And that is without the home-study and lawyer fees or any fees that might be associated with the birth mother.
Yes you can say that there is a tax credit for those of us who will adopt...$10,500, is what the government will give to you when your adoption is final. 
Honestly, I think these agencies out there see that tax credit as a starting point for their fees. They know that the adoptive parent will get that money back after the adoption, so why not start their fees there...or even above? YIKES!
So...where are we going from here?  The Lottery...ha ha.  
We have a meeting with an agency here that facilitates adoptions through the county.  We re going to hopefully hear that we can go through the county to get the home study done, for less money.  The have a child placed with us through them...forever.  
Then there is one more place I would like to learn more about...if I could just get them to call me back...