Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mighty Mermaid

Today I did my last Triathlon of the season...the Mighty Mermaid.
My sister and I did it together so it was fun!
Distance: .5 mile swim (2x around the cement ship) 22 miles bike ride, and 5 mile run.
It was the longest triathlon I have done yet, so it was pretty challenging. Oh yeah, I hadn't kept up with my training like I did in the spring, so it was harder than I anticipated...
In fact, there were two distances, the "Mighty Mermaid" and the "Sprint" my sister and I came in dead last out of both races...but we finished. That is what counts!
Above are pictures of the ship we swam around, and "Team Cupcake" a crazy bunch of women here who do triathlons...well...I'm done with triathlons...until next spring...

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