Monday, September 08, 2008

Money Money...

So we have been looking into this adoption thing for a little while now.   We have had interviews with agencies, read I don't know how many packets of information, and searched the web for facilitators, lawyers etc...
I am in shock at the price they charge you to bring a child home as a part of your family...and most of the places we have talked to, want their money before they will even take another step towards adoption with you..anywhere from $12,500-$20,000. And that is without the home-study and lawyer fees or any fees that might be associated with the birth mother.
Yes you can say that there is a tax credit for those of us who will adopt...$10,500, is what the government will give to you when your adoption is final. 
Honestly, I think these agencies out there see that tax credit as a starting point for their fees. They know that the adoptive parent will get that money back after the adoption, so why not start their fees there...or even above? YIKES!
So...where are we going from here?  The Lottery...ha ha.  
We have a meeting with an agency here that facilitates adoptions through the county.  We re going to hopefully hear that we can go through the county to get the home study done, for less money.  The have a child placed with us through them...forever.  
Then there is one more place I would like to learn more about...if I could just get them to call me back...

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