Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Pumpkin Patch Visit

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch. I think this is the first time Paul has gone with us. This is my first time with Emma, as my mom took them last year.

We chose a rinky dink patch on the side of the road in Santa Cruz. It didn't really matter, the gilrs had a blast.

It was fun to see the girls run from pumpkin to pumpkin trying to pick them up....some that were just TOO big for them...and bigger than Emma period.
There was a little maze for the kids to walk through, Mia was the first to check it out. Then the others followed.

After our pumpkins were picked and in the car, Paul had promised Ice Cream. So it was off to the Ice Cream shop. We have only done this a few times before, so the girls were thrilled.

After Ice Cream, we headed home to carve the pumkin. And bake the seeds. Sarah loved helping with the seeds, and watching me carve the pumpkin. Emma just played in the planter, and threw dirt.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Keeping up..

October is a very busy month in this includes pumpkin patch visits, birthdays, two events with work, harvest festivals, field trips, and more. This year it includes getting our paperwork together for our adoption etc.

I am loving the fall weather, but my head is still in summer and i can't quite figure out what to wear or how to dress my children. It is cold in the morning, but here in N. Cal. it can be 80 degrees by noon.

So, we are busy. This blog has taken a back burner. Pictures are going to be uploaded, maybe.