Monday, October 20, 2008

Keeping up..

October is a very busy month in this includes pumpkin patch visits, birthdays, two events with work, harvest festivals, field trips, and more. This year it includes getting our paperwork together for our adoption etc.

I am loving the fall weather, but my head is still in summer and i can't quite figure out what to wear or how to dress my children. It is cold in the morning, but here in N. Cal. it can be 80 degrees by noon.

So, we are busy. This blog has taken a back burner. Pictures are going to be uploaded, maybe.

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Lettner Family said...

Robin! I love reading your comments, and your blog. I am excited for your family and will be praying for the adoption process. Some of our friends are adopting from Ethopia...they may have some insight for you. They are on my blog list ... Team Reno

Love that you are so active too! Your girls are beautiful!