Saturday, November 22, 2008

A MUST Read Blog....

Okay, so I have been reading this incredible blog for a while. If you want to read about a true life miracle, you must go there. Her healthy son Stellan is the result of prayer and God's amazing power to heal.
So go on over, and hey you can even enter her weekend I am by linking to her blog.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Typical findings in the Brooke household..

This is Emma. This is typical of her, and her clothing choices. PJ's and a pettiskirt...what style!
She actually wore the skirt all day long....and refused to take it off. This child is my "
atti "Two"ed". I have always thought is was the terrible threes, but she has been able to convince me otherwise.

Daddy's little girl..

Mia came out Sunday afternoon in some new clothes...well, new to her, not so much to Paul.

Fun memories.

I think both of her legs are in one of his...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This sounds better. Than my usual cup o'Joe!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Daddy Duty

I had to go to "Daisy"training this week to become an official Daisy leader for Mia's troop.
So I was gone from 6:00-9:00, and Paul was home with the girls.

We had made a trip to Trader Joe's earlier that day,and picked up their Advent Calendars for 99 cents. SO exciting! Each girl picked out her own, and we talked about how we will use them to count down the days until Christmas. Sarah is really working hard on learning about time, and days...(we are currently counting down the days until Thanksgiving)
They really wanted to eat the Advent Candy when we got home,but I kept explaining that we had to wait until December 1st.
Back to the story...I was gone for 3 hours, and this is what I cam home to...each calendar, opened and all 24 pieces of the candy from each little window...gone!
Question for you all.....What would you have done?

Coloring is a hard job!

Emma was at the counter coloring the other day. After a little while, it got really quiet....this is what I found. Sleeping on the job...luckily they don't get paid for this kind of work...she would have been fired! Hee Hee.

Emma turns two!

Emma turned 2 on October 24th. We had fun at the park close to our house...friends, cake, swings, pinata and all.

Above are the pictures...I made a "Topsy Turvy" cake and cupcakes, the loved the balloons, and her friends loved the candy that came flying out of the worm pinata.

Who could ask for anything more!