Friday, March 06, 2009


Sarah will be four in a couple of weeks. I just adore this little girl. The dimples, her big blue eyes, her imagination, and love for animals...she is a true kid.

I have to blog tonight because she comes up with the cutest things....

She often comes into our room after she has been tucked in saying her legs are too tired to walk...She just came into my room (way after she should be asleep) and told me her legs were tireder than her other words, she couldn't walk back to her room because she was so tired.

I should keep a journal of all the things she says...

She loves her reindeer, her ponies and her petshop toys. She has an entire zoo in her bed.

We were planning her birthday and she helped me create her birthday invitations. Today she picked out the goodie bag contents. She has the kindest heart I have ever seen, and I just pray she never loses it.

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