Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hono Tri

Pre-race Mai Tai (2 days before...)
Lining up for the run, we had to do a duathlon due to Jellyfish.

Running it in..

Pre-race again...waiting to get into transition...
Transition all set!Smiling faces at 4 am!

We did the swim portion the day before...

I participated in the Honolulu Triathlon with Team in Training last May. It was a great time, and from the pictures you can see it was a great event...many of us are already planning our tri in Maui next year!
Box Jellyfish were due to come in the morning of our Triathlon, so we did the swim portion the night before, and then a duathlon on race day...
Total tri time 3 hours 15 minutes! Not too shabby!

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