Sunday, October 04, 2009


I guess this blog has been neglected for a while....that tells you how insanely busy we are in the Brooke home...

Mia has started 1st grade at Baymonte, and we couldn't be happier with her teacher. First Grade is such a HUGE jump from Kindergarten. I love it. She is at school all day, which has been a big change for me, at about 12:00 each day I feel like I should be picking her up from school.
She just tested for her Little Dragon Red Belt, and will probably be a black belt by the end of the year!

Sarah began pre-school. She is at a Parent Participation school. This means that I work in her class as a parent helper 1 day a week. She loves it, and the school is wonderful.

Emma, is adjusting to being the only child at home with me a couple days a week. She is continuing with her swimming lessons, and swimming like a fish! She is turning 3 this month and looking forward to starting Tae Kwon Do too!

We had a great summer, full of swimming, camping, I now understand how busy lives can get and why other Mom's say summer is so exhausting! I was really happy to get back into a school routine.

We just had our pictures taken for the year....I posted a few, but will save some for our Christmas cards!

We are still waiting for a child to be placed in our home for adoption. Our homestudy has been submitted for a few, and we have learned of another situation that we are interested in. Just waiting in God's timing and the right placement to fit out family. It will be fun to see what they next step in the process for us will be.

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